Saturday, March 24, 2012

To my Telecom family, farewell and I love you all.

 To my Telecom family,  where do I begin, just over 9 months ago when I walked into that tiny little training room on the 2nd floor I had no idea what to expect. It was the beginning of something so foreign to me, a new job in a new country surrounded by new people made up of all different cultures. I don't think I have to tell you that as a country boy from Mississippi, it was a whole new experience for me, but from that fear and anxiety grew great admiration and respect and even better friendships! I honestly can not begin to tell you all how much you mean to me, most of us have made memories that I will never forget as long as I live! We have joked, laughed, and even cried together. You have all literally been my family over this past year, and I can not begin to list all the fun times we have had during working hours, while we should have been dialling and others outside of work. I also can not believe my time here is already come and gone, it feels like only yesterday Lindsey and I were back home packing and ready to set off on this new adventure in our lives, and now we find ourselves in that very same position. We have our eyes wide open and our arms stretched out ready to embrace the next chapter in our life, while we are not sure what the future holds for us, we are absolutely sure who holds our future. As we wait on that chapter to begin we can not help but sit and reflect on the ending of this amazing story in our life. As the time draws near for us to leave New Zealand, and for me to leave you all at Telecom I can't help but feel bitter sweet.

     To all of my TEAM LEADERS I would just like to say a special thank you for not firing me!! Lol! All of the help and support you have all given me over the past months has been amazing. You are truly deserving of every blessing life has to offer. To Luvy and Charan, "Momma and Papa" you two were there for me in the very beginning, way before I became a Telecom ROCC Star!!! I will never forget that last day of training when you two walked in to listen to our scenarios! I knew right then that Luvy was going to be trouble hahahaha....I Just never knew you would be this much trouble!!! Charan, what can I say man, you have been almost like a brother to me at times. I have so much respect for you man it is not even funny; I have no doubts with your determination and drive you will go far in life, but I must say, 1 size bigger in the pants! Lol! I think you will feel better and I know all of us will!!! Hahahahaha! Just messing with you man! All of the TL's have been awesome, and very helpful. I really do just want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!

   To my Provisioners, wow, I think that best describes some of the situations I have gotten myself into with you guys!, Pooja, you have been with me through training and stuck by me the entire journey here at Telecom. We have laughed more than I believe anyone else has at Telecom, along with Janet. You all are absolutely amazing and I know the sky is the limit for you all.

   To all of the Managers/ Campaign specialist and whom ever else sits over in that area next to the break room lol!!!, I would also like to thank you all as well. I know some/most of you probably do not know me, but I am the loud, slightly chunky, white American that has been hanging around for the past nine months with a big smile on my face. Working hard (sometimes!) and enjoying my self and everyone else (all the time).  You guys were always there for me if I ever had a question, concern, or idea! You all are truly the top, of a winning team.  It has been my honour and privilege to have the opportunity to work for such a wonderful company, amongst even better company! If it is true what they say about great teams starting from the top down, then ROCC will always be in great hands! Thank you all again for everything.

   In life there is nothing worse than something great coming to an end, wondering why people shift in and out of your world. Goodbyes never seem to work, so instead I will share a quote that my father shared with me just before he passed away "Never put a question mark, where God has placed a period". Thank you all again for everything I love you all with every inch of my heart!

Raymond (Ray) Triplett
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