Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lots of Traveling

As usual we are way behind in posting. We have been traveling quite a bit. I recently accepted a position as a Sales Associate for Harrowset Hall Limited. A fine linen and bedding store in Newmarket, Auckland. Very cool store with lots of interior items to chose from...makes it hard not to buy and actually bring home my wages. I am really liking it a lot!! Work is about a 15 minute bus ride or 35 minute walk. Great location!  Ray had an interview this week and got a call back today. He has a follow up evaluation tomorrow. Fingers crossed that he will get the job! I know he is ready to find something with a regular schedule. You can only do so much people watching on Queens Street.

Beautiful daffodils one of my "workmates" gave me. Very thoughtful!!

As many of you know we traveled to Hawaii for Megan and Sean's wedding. Ray and I had never been to Kauai, it's absolutely amazing and cannot wait for our return visit. The entire weekend of wedding festivities were a blast. Perfectly organized and lots of fun! The weather was quite frustrating especially for an outdoor wedding for the days ahead.  However, it did allow us to see the raging waterfalls. We did lots of fun activities from kayaking to hiking the first 2 miles of the Na Pali Coast. The rain cleared just in time for the wedding day festivities to begin. The ceremony was so special. I just loved the Hawaiian ceremony, it was very sentimental and touching. So excited for Megan an Sean. It was a great time to get to see family and meet the Garvey family and all of M&S's friends. Great family!!

View of the coast from the hike

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Michael Garvey....I love the way he is looking at her. So sweet!!

Can't wait to see the photographers photos of the wedding events.  Two beautiful people and amazing location!

Hideaways Beach

We returned to Auckland to begin apartment searching as our current lease expires towards the end of July. Apartment renting is quite limited this time of year as the Rugby World Cup is fast approaching in September. We have seen some great and not so great places. Hoping to get this all squared away soon.

So now you can see what I mean about lots of traveling. We have been using the bus, train, our legs to walk all over this city, and very long plane rides!

Miss you all very much and hope all is well with each and every one of you!