Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bitter and the Sweet (such is life)

Where to begin, as many of you may have known Joe, Lindsey's Grandfather, had been ill for several weeks. His struggle gave way in the morning hours, on June 25; just a couple months shy of his 85 birthday. Even though I only knew him for 6 years I can confidently say he was one of a kind. He was always a joy to be around, talk to and was truly an inspiration. Over the past years as Joe's health faded and things did not come  quite as easy to him some things never wavered, the love, respect and admiration he showed to Mrs. Martha (Gran Gran)  his wife of 64 years. This, along with many other great memories, will stay with Lindsey and I throughout our life.

Joe and Gran Gran at our Going Away Party in Brandon- April 2011

We were so fortunate to have been able to make the trip home to share in the joy of memorializing Joe Herbert Sanderson. This gave both Lindsey and I the chance to share in the celebration of his life. Joe, never one to mind what people thought, truly did live life "His Way."

Even under these circumstances, Lindsey and I thoroughly enjoyed our time back in Mississippi and being able to spend time with both of our families. We also kinda enjoyed the heat, sorry I know some of you probably would like to hit me right about now but it is really cold, wet and windy here. I, no doubt, loved going to Louisville and getting to see my Mom and her amazing yard and gardens, it is truly amazing what all she can accomplish. I think Lindsey enjoyed getting to see all her babies (cats and dogs) more than anything. Some days I think she may have missed her true calling because she sure does love animals.


Some of Mom's beautiful work!

GiGi...the sweetest "mean" dog you will ever meet! 

Stevie...Our first child. He's very bad...thank goodness the grandparents love him too!

 Teddy....Gran Gran and Joe's cat

We have now been back in New Zealand for a week and heaps has changed. I am on my third day at my new job and am really enjoying it. It is nice to finally be able to leave the apartment and actually have someplace to go. Hahahaha! Not to mention anticipating finally getting a pay check. Also, Lindsey and I are still in search of our next apartment. This process started just after we returned from Hawaii almost a month ago and given the speed things go here in Auckland we hope it will not be another month before we find one. So we hope to be able to share new apartment pics with all of you soon.

May God continue to bless us all, and as my Dad always said, "Never put a question mark, where God has placed a period."

Until we speak again,
Love, Ray