Monday, May 30, 2011

Settling in as a Kiwi

As usual....we are really slow in providing new post.  Lots has been going on since we last chatted. We have been continuing our job search and touring around the city and surrounding suburbs. The job search is going pretty good. We have had several prospects, just waiting for the right thing to fall in place. 

We have met a great couple that live in our apartment building from the states. They are originally from Washington State and have lived all over the world. Melody and Cole are a wonderful couple and a great inspiration for us. They have been married for 28 years and have 3 children. They moved a far distance to England when they first got married and have continued to live around the world in many places such as, Canada, Hong Kong, Texas, New Zealand.  They are setting off on another adventure in October as Cole has received a job transfer to Cairo, Egypt. It's pretty interesting all of the places they have been and where the will continue to go. We are so fortunate to have met them and have enjoyed all of there stories about living all over. 

They introduced us to the church they attend, Auckland Bible Church, and we really like it. We have met some really great families from all over....lots of Americans surprisingly! Everyone has been very helpful with our job search and telling us about all the local places to shop, and what to do. The grocery store(supermarket) is always fun. Trying to figure out what something is or what to buy that would be similar to what we use back home. 

This week we have been to Mission Bay which is a cute little town on the beach about 15 minutes from our apartment. Its in the direction of our walk in the mornings. The view of the Hauraki Gulf was amazing! I had to get my haircut and highlights!! Something I love to fun and relaxing! 

We also went to Mt. Eden which is a summit 200 meters high and is the highest natural point in Auckland, therefore, the 360 degree views were breathtaking. The hike up was pretty real travel paths as there are many ways to get up. We climbed steps that had been built and followed the very narrow trails created by humans or even cattle...not really sure. When we reached the top of the volcanic grassy crater the view of the city was unreal. We really enjoyed Mt. Eden, it is one of the most famous landmarks and was created 20-30,000 years ago. 

We are really enjoying it here, but at times it's really hard to be away from friends in family. My grandfather, Joe, is having a tough time lately with his heart. He was diagnosed with aortic stenosis and atrial fibrillation years ago and it's giving him a lot more problems recently. Please keep him, my grandmother, my mom, and our entire family in your prayers. He is at home comfortable with 24hr care which is good.  The past few days have been hard, but he is doing better today. Everyday is a blessing! For those of you who don't know him, he's a real character! Full of himself and lots of jokes. He will turn 85 in August! Please pray for comfort, strength, and understanding!

As for this next week we are off to Kauai for my sisters wedding. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and spending time together. It's going to be such a fun time. I know that it is going to be absolutely beautiful! Haven't been to the island if Kauai yet so we are getting excited about all the fun things planned. Congrats to Megan and Sean! 


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Life for the Past Few Weeks: Somewhat Busy

It has been 3 weeks since our last post, so I would like to apologize to those of you who actually read this. We have been somewhat busy. We are finally getting settled into our apartment and trying to make it feel more like home. We have been on the hunt for jobs as well. We have applied to more jobs than we care to count and have received numerous rejection emails and phone calls. The business world here is pretty slow during the winter season so jobs are pretty scare apparently. We are applying for all types of jobs to welcome a new challenge to our adventure!! I have been on one interview while Lindsey goes on her third on Thursday. We are not letting this “slow” start get us down, but it is discerning when you apply for a job and they contact you back to let you know you are over qualified for the position; which has happened to us both on several occasions. Never the less we press on and the hunt continues.

Don’t be fooled we have also been having fun, as well. We have done just about every “free” activity you can do in the city, which is not a lot, and also had several small low cost adventures.  Every morning “we” start our day with a 6 ½ mile walk to Mission Bay. I say “we” loosely since some mornings Lindsey is unable to get me out of bed. This walk is a perfect way to start your day; it is a beautiful winding walk along the waterfront of Okahu and Mission Bay. The views of all the sail boats in the Bay are amazing and the morning sun gleaming off the water is other worldly. After the walk we come back to the apartment and cool down before getting changed and thinking up things to do with the rest of our day. 

Some of our small adventures that we have taken include: A trip to the Auckland Domain, A walk to the Viaduct, A ferry ride and hike around Devonport, a trip to One Tree Hill/Cornwall Park, an interesting bus ride to the beautiful Auckland Botanic Gardens and a train ride to the village of Remuera. More in depth posts to follow on all of these adventures along with some photos. 

So as you can tell we have been somewhat busy. We have plenty more adventures planned and cannot wait until we can fill you in on how they have go, but until then we are just hoping for a job that will allow us to stay and actually get to do them. Hahaha!

We love and miss you all and hope to hear from you, if we have not already; and we can’t wait to see the Anderson family in two weeks in Hawaii for Megan and Sean’s wedding weekend!