Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Andare (v. to go; to travel)

Well, lots of great things have happened since I last updated all of you on our journey! Lindsey and I both took a long weekend trip to the Coromandel; we wanted to go check it out so we decided to do so before we leave. The weekend was very relaxing and allowed us to see many more beautiful natural sights that New Zealand’s North Island has to offer! Our favorite had to be Cathedral Cove, followed closely by Hot Water Beach! Both reminders of Gods ever present hand on this beautiful earth!
Cathedral Cove

Hot Water Beach

Cathedral Cove (my tripod works ha!)

Aboard the Endless Summer

I also started and since finished my long awaited sailing classes. The lessons were so much fun, and so informative! My instructor Penny Whiting was amazing; she is a great sailor and is one of the funniest people I have ever met! She actually lives half of the year in the states sailing huge yachts all over! I told her if she needed any help crewing on one just to let me know and I would be there! The weekend the classes started the Volvo Ocean Race came into Auckland! We were the finish line for the Fourth leg of the circumnavigation race! It was an amazing sight to see these huge racing yachts come in from their 20+ days at sea; the Groupama yacht won this leg of the journey. The Viaduct was full of activities all week and it was fun to ride in the racing simulator and watch the 3D movie of their life at sea! Lindsey and I also got to see all the boats start the 5th leg of the race with a 40 minute loop around the harbor then they headed on their way to Brazil.

Volvo Yachts leaving the harbor

Other exciting news, this Saturday will be Lindsey's and my last day at work. That's right it has almost been a year since we moved here, so with time winding down we will be flying to the South Island this Sunday for a full on adventure! We will be joined by Lindsey's sister Megan and her husband Sean, as we all climb into a camper van for a week long road trip! And for those of you who know Lindsey and Megan I will give you a second to pick your jaws up off the floor!! Lindsey has recently seen a term called "glamping" which she says means glamorous camping! I have a feeling she is in for a rude awakening! We will be flying into Christchurch, then driving to Dunedin, then to Queenstown, and back to Christchurch. We will be back in Auckland for a few days before we pack up and start our journey home! We fly from Auckland to Sydney on April 7 and will be there for a week before we return home on April 15.
Dat ders an R.V. ( What we will really be doing)

What Lindsey thinks we will be doing hahaha!

That is just a quick recap of some of the things we have been up to over the past month and a few things that will be coming up! We are both so excited to see the South island and will be sure to update everyone as often as possible, but I am sure we will be without Internet for most of the trip so we will do our best!!!

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