Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time Flies By...

It's almost February...where did the time go! We cannot believe that we have already been here close to 10 months. I guess it's true, time does fly by when you are having fun! This experience has been wonderful and we have had an opportunity to learn so much. We have met some amazing people, not only from New Zealand, but from all around the world. We look forward to being able to visit them in their home countries at some point. I think trips to Egypt, France, India, Malaysia, Ireland, and England would be a blast!! 

The past few days in Auckland the weather has been amazing! Is this Summer finally? Ray and I were able to get in a few beach days before he went back to work from a month of holiday time. We have truly been blessed with opportunity here. Both able to find a job, whether in our fields or not, we have had experiences we will never forget. 

I know many of you are wondering what we will do next...so are we!! We passed up the chance to live here permanently in order to still be flexible and travel some more so I guess that's what we will do. We will be heading back to MS in mid April and are very excited about seeing family and friends. We are very overdue for a catchup. We miss home! 

Lots going on before we head home we have some visitors coming to NZ for a visit!! My sister and her husband will be here the end of March and we are so excited! We are flying to Christchurch and renting a Campervan...yes I said Campervan, and traveling around the South Island for 6 days. This should be quite an adventure! Of course we are all in planning mode and trying to determine what excursions we will get into. In Queenstown, referred to as "Adrenaline Capitol of the World", we hope to find ourselves doing things like white water rafting, jet boating, skydiving, canyon swinging, etc! Heaps to do so I know we will have a hard time deciding! 

When we return from our trip we will be packing and moving from New Zealand. This will be a very bittersweet time for us. We will be stopping for a visit in Australia for a few days which we are very excited about! We have never been out of the airport in Aussie so we are really looking forward to it. We will spend the first few days in Sydney as tourists. We then travel North to stay with our friends, Debbie and Steve. We will be there for Steve's birthday so it is going to be a fun celebration! We haven't seen them since Hawaii in June so we will enjoy catching up. 

Just wanted to bring you all up to speed! We have lots to see and do before we move! We of course are not going to be able to see it all...had to leave somethings for our return visits! 

I guess it's time for me to leave our balcony where I have been soaking up the sun for the past few hours and go cook dinner! 


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